In this INA Seminar Environmental and Human Rights Lawyer examines the practical options for more substantial and sustainable financing of protected areas in Papua New Guinea. PNG is one of the world’s major global hotspots for land and marine biodiversity, as well as playing an important role as a carbon sink in both its forests […]
The 2021 Open Budget Survey Report will be launched at the INA Conference Room, 2nd floor at IPA Haus, at 9am on Wednesday 01st June 2022. The Open Budget Survey (OBS) is conducted every two years in over 100 countries, including Papua New Guinea, of the openness and timeliness of the whole Budget process, including […]
Palm Oil Pricing Formula Review 2013/5 – FINAL REPORT An Independent Review was undertaken by accounting/consulting firm KPMG of PNG’s Palm Oil Pricing Formula (which forms the basis for smallholder payments to outgrower oil palm producers), together with an audit of the application of the current formula (which has been in operation since the early […]