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Tax Relief on Income Tax for Wage Earners Not Beneficial.

Post Courier

August 5, 2022

By Melisha Yafoi

The rising cost of living as an average citizen in the country has seen little to no impact on the recent tax relief introduced by the government to have the minimum threshold for income tax from K12,500 to K17,500.

Woman Labour Market Higher Than of Men: Study

Post Courier

August 4, 2022

By Lorraine Wohi

Women in Papua New Guinea have experienced a greater conditional; real wage growth than men in all sectors, a study has revealed.

Whilst the study titled Real Wage Growth in PNG does not indicate any reason as to what that have caused the interesting result, Research authors, Professor Martin Davies and Neils Blunch suggested that the figure is likely to do with the labour market price against female workers in PNG. 

Real Wage Growth for Mining Exceeds Other Sectors

Post Courier

July 29th, 2022

By Lorraine Wohi

The report compared the wage growth of the other two sectors including the industry and services and agriculture.

The real wage growth for mining has increased to 5.9 per cent boosted by the new resource projects (including LNG investment boom, 2010-2013), investment in new technology and capital.

Barker: Our Democracy in Question

Post Courier

July 26th, 2022

By Melisha Yafoi

Institute of National Affairs is hopeful that the violence happening everywhere in the country will shake the country and its leadership and institutions into driving some major needed reforms.

Executive Director, Paul Barker said the problems now are instigated by voters as well as parties and candidates, and some officials, offering or seeking financial or other reward in exchange for votes, seeking to gain office through malpractice, even threats and violence.

Barker: Hold DDAs accountable. 

The National

July 28th, 2022

By Lulu Maginde

Barker said mechanism in place meant to keep DDAs in check were not adequately funded or resourced to do their work and were behind on their responsibilities. 

Barker said it was important for the public to be concerned about these things and to maintain a solid level of interest and pressure on the Government to ensure proper checks and balances.

Investor Confidence Affected.

The National

July 27th, 2022

Institute of National Affairs (INA) Executive Director, Paul Barker says, “Papua New Guinea is in desperate need of new and additional investments to stimulate the economy.”

“The tragic immediate consequences of these violent actions, in terms of deaths and injuries, the violence and terrorizing the entire population in the nation’s capital clearly has wider ramifications, ” he told The National.