The 2021 Open Budget Survey Report will be launched at the INA Conference Room, 2nd floor at IPA Haus, at 9am on Wednesday 01st June 2022.

The Open Budget Survey (OBS) is conducted every two years in over 100 countries, including Papua New Guinea, of the openness and timeliness of the whole Budget process, including the auditing, level of engagement with the public and Parliament. Government budget decisions – what taxes to levy, what services to provide, and how much debt to take on, may sound remote to ordinary citizens and also rather technical, but they affect everyone’s lives, and how equal a society is and the well-being of its people, including whether the most disadvantaged will have real opportunities for a better life. It is critical that government informs and engages the public on these vital decisions that impact their lives.

The OBS is the World’s only independent, comparative and fact-based research instrument that uses internationally accepted criteria to assess public access to central government budget information, formal opportunities for the public to participate in the national budget process, and the role of budget oversight institutions such as Parliament and the Auditor-General in the Budget process.

In view of physical distancing requirements as part of the Covid-19 new normal protocol, only a minimal number can be present at the launch.

The INA office is located at the Corner of Munidubu Street and Laws Road, at Konedobu, NCD.

For those wishing to attend please confirm your participation through email with the following persons:

Moale Sabadi on<>. OR

Gretel Matawan on<>

Alternatively, for those wishing to attend the webinar please confirm by email and they will send the link.



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