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INA Research results are published as INA Publications through the following series: Discussion Papers, Reports, Occasional Papers, Working Papers, Summary and Speech Series.

Complimentary copies of publications are distributed to INA Contributors. They are also distributed free of charge to politicians, senior public servants, and major Libraries in PNG. 


INA has carried out an extended number of research over the past 44 years of it’s operation. Research has been conducted into: Economy, Taxation, Land, Trade, Coastal Shipping, Industrialization, Law and Order, Exchange Rates, Agriculture, Mining, Small Business, Government Expenditure, Fisheries, Forestry, GBV, Human Capital Formation and Labour.

upcoming events

45th Year of PNG’s Institute of National Affairs

INA Seminars

  • 28th July: Real Wage Growth in PNG over 3 decades – presented by Associate Professor Martin Davies.
  • 4th August: Financial Inclusion presented by Laura Nettuno.
  • Presentations and recorded videos can be shared if requested. Please send us an email to inquire at info@inapng.org

funding and support

Institute of National Affairs is an Independent Research Think -Tank that runs and operates exclusively on contributions (membership income, grants, sponsorship, and donations.

Become a contributor to INA!

The INA gives you an alternate approach to influencing change. 

You can contribute by supporting the INA. There is a minimum contribution of K 650; the average contribution is K 4,000.


Lunch Seminar: Sustainable Protected Area Financing Options and Steps.
Presented by Mary Boni.

Should you wish to acquire the presentations. You can send an email to Moale.Sabadi@cimcpng.org or Gretel.Matawan@cimcpng.org 

Join us! Become an Influencera Trend Settera Leadera Creator of Change.

You can help the Institute of National Affairs to continue it’s work in contributing to provide an environment in which people in Papua New Guinea can prosper and live meaningful lives.