INA draft Report on Earmarked Revenues for Protected Areas
Date 2023 Event Download
January-March Conduct the Bertelsmann Governance Survey for the BTI global Governance Report 2024 and BTI Index: Bertelsmann Stiftung
February-June Conduct the 2023 Open Budget Survey for release in 2024, inlcuding the Open Budget Index
Februrary ABC 4 Corners “Carbon Colonialism” in PNG and Australia Institute Workshop on credible mechanisms for addressing climate change
1-3 March CIMC Social Accountability Summit, Lamana Hotel
27-28 March CIPE regional workship of Policy Think Tanks in Bangkok on Contributing to constructive policy dialogue in an increasingly factionalised or partisan world; countering cyber abuse, and “fake news”
March -May Regional Hearings of Parliament Committee, Reviewing 2022 National Elections
April to July Conduct the PNG Household, Agriculture and Nutrition Survey across 11 provinces with IPPRI
12-15 June EITI 3 yearly Global Forum, Dahkar, Senegal EITI 2023 Global Conference>download
final week June CIMC Wau-Waria Disitrict Development Forum with Open Member, Marsh Narawec MP
12-13 August CIPE Workshop on sustainable and burdensome Infrastructure Financing – lessons learnt from the think tanks, inlcuding under BRI Monitor
27 August INA Lunchtime Seminar – Mary Boni, A Pathway for Sustainable Financing for Protected Areas in PNG
September INA Lunchtime Seminar – Dr Almah Tarariah, Women’s Leadership at the Community Level in New Ireland Prov
October CIMC National Devbelopment Forum
November INA Lunchtime Seminar – Flora Carruthers – Two Case Studies on Digitisation for Development but safeguarding against the Hazards and authoritarianism in Cyberspace