2021 Events

details to be provided

Date 2021 Event Download
1 January 2021 P Barker: Reflections on 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021 Download
17 January 2021 Open Budget – COVID-19 Fiscal Expenditure transparency survey – completed, Report due April 2021
17 January 2021 Open Budget Survey 2021 commences, Report due 2022
January 2021 Bertelsmann – BTI Survey and Index to be posted
17 February 2021 Paul Barker: The Impact of COVID-19 and PNG’s Reform Agenda, CIPE Download
26 February 2021 Lunchtime Seminar: Dr Martin Davies. The Path to Kina Convertibility: study of the Foreign Exchange Market of PNG Download
4 March 2021 Lunchtime Seminar: Dr. Transform Aqorau. Challenges Managing the Fisheries Industry in the Western Central Pacific to be posted
17 June 2021 Lunchtime Seminar: Market Competition and Competition Reform in PNG to be posted
June 2021 Lunchtime Seminar: Infrastructure and Environmental Standards and Sustainability in PNG to be posted
21 June 2021 Address to CPA Annual Conference, Kokopo: Is Accessible Internet Critical for PNG to Participate in the Global Economy? download
11 August 2021 Launch of BRI Monitor: BRI Monitor is a collaborative effort of five civil society organizations in Southeast Asia and the Pacific working with CIPE, to ensure transparency and governance of major infrastructure projects under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the region Download
27 August 2021 Seminar: Strategies for improving elections in Papua New Guinea:
25 May 2021 Launch of Open Budget Covid-19 Survey Report: the survey highlights the transparency in Planning, Management and Reporting of Budgets for Health, Social and Economic interventions related to Covid-19 in over 100 Countries Download
30 July 2021 Launch of PNG EITI Report for 2019: http://www.pngeiti.org.pg/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/2019-PNG-EITI-REPORT.pdf be posted
30 July 2021 Update on International Commodity Prices for PNG’s main Commodities: Download
21 June 2021 Address to CPA Annual Conference, Lae: Impact of the Global Pandemic-led Economic Crisis on Papua New Guinea Impact of Covid Economic Crisis Aug 2021download
24 September 2021 lunchtime Seminar (12 PM): Education and TVET to better meet the Demands of Youth in PNG: John Kuri (INA conference Room, 2nd Floor IPA Haus, or on Zoom) details to be provided
28 September 2021 late (1-3pm) lunchtime 2022 Election mini-workshop: the Pros and Cons of the OLIPPAC Legislation and its Application: Dr Jon Fraenkel, and the Prerequisites for a Free and Fair Election: Dr Joe Ketan (INA conference Room, 2nd Floor IPA Haus, or on Zoom) details to be provided
11 October 2021 PNG -European Business Forum(on Zoom) details to be provided
16 November 2021 2021 China in the World Conference (CITW), Day 2: CIPE Cathy Tai, Tricia Yeoh (IDEAS Malysia), Virak Ou (Future Forum Cambodia), Paul Barker (INA, PNG),(on Zoom) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eUwNFrt-S4EPDa4Yv7PqE2NPHFvlE2Th/view
25 November 2021 Tabling of PNG 2022 Budget: Some Revenue Trends since 2007 and the Resources Sector Tax & Dividend Revenue 2007-2022 forecast


30 November 2021 BRI Monitor Regional Forum: Achieving Good Governance and Accountability in the Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Investment; the Way Forward: with CIPE, IDEAS, INA, Stratbase  ADRi: facilitator: Tricia Yeoh; Speakers: Paco Pangalangan, Nadege Rolland and Paul Barker (on Zoom) details to be provided
1 December 2021 “Turning Corrosive Capital into Constructive Capital”; The Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative on PNG and the Pacific, with CIPE and INA, Speakers: Peter Connolly, Kake Hamstra (East West Center), Paul Barker and Flora Carruthers (on Zoom) details to be provided
7 December 2021 COP26 UPDATE: Review of the Outcomes and Opportunities for PNG, the Pacific, Forests and the Oceans for the Climate Summit in Glasgow: Chaired by Dame Meg Taylor. (09.00- 12.00,  INA conference Room, 2nd Floor IPA Haus, or on Zoom Meeting ID: 854 5566 2949 – password from Moale.sabadi@cimcpng.org or 3211044/5) COP26 Review (Download Program of Speaker)