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Sustainable Resource Management for University of Natural Resources and Environment June 2011 – Paul Barker

An Economy in Transition- Emergence of a Private Sector and Middle Class, CPA Conference, Lae August 2011 – Paul Barker

Risk in the PNG Economy, IBBM Conference November 2011 – Paul Barker

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1. The Privatisation Program and its impact On banking and finance in PNG. An Essay submitted to the PNG Bankers Association for the 2001 Banker of the year An essay (PNG Bankers)
ISBN 9980-77-118-6
2. Recent developments in the world Economy and commodity markets- Implications for Papua New Guinea
By Dr. Brian Fisher
Speech Series No. 6
ISBN 9980-77-126-7
3. “World market outlook for Papua New Guinea’s Commodities”
By Vivek Tulpule
Speech Series No. 7
ISBN 9980-77-126-7
4. A review of recent developments in the Fisheries sector of PNG, its current status And prospects for the future.
By Anthony Lewis, Port Moresby
ISBN 9980-77-127-5 2004
5. Customary Land Registration in PNG
By Dr. Jim Fingleton
Speech Series No. 9
ISBN 9980-77-132-1
6. Targeting Growth in Papua New Guinea
By Satish Chand
Speech Series No. 8 2006
ISBN 9980-77-134-8
7. Making the Commitment to Quality Journalism
By Prof. Gary E. Swanson
Speech Series No. 10 2007
ISBN 9980-77-148-2
8. Governance and Development: Applying International Experience to Papua New Guinea
By Francis Fukuyama
Speech Series No. 11 2007
ISBN 9980-77-1437
9. A week in PNG (Tourism)free download
By Sarah Osborne
Speech Series No. 13 2007
ISBN 9980-77-147-X
10. Australia, PNG and the Pacific in the Rudd Erafree download
By Sean Dorney
Speech Series No. 16 2008
ISBN 9980-77-154-2
11. Agriculture in Papua New Guinea: Conditions, Future Prospects and Dispelling some Myths free download
By Mike Bourke
Speech Series No 19
12. Diversity and Global Significance of the Ecology of Papua New Guinea and the local Benefits please order via contact form
By Dr Allen Allison
Speech Series No. 17
ISBN 9980-77-159-3
July 2009

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Paul Barker with Marjorie Andrew: University education and what the private sector expects 27 Aug 2009
Paul Barker: Crime in PNG and how to address it 27 Aug 2009
Paul Barker: Prospects and Risks for PNG in a time of Global Economic Crisis and with major Prospective Resource Projects 14 Aug 2009
Ume Wainetti: Effective approaches to addressing Extreme Poverty in PNG – Empowering Women 14 May 2009
Paul Barker: Open Budget Address 21 Apr 2009
Paul Barker & Kenson Kiopa: Micro-Enterprise policy for Micro-Finance Aug 2008
Paul Barker: COMMENTARY ON THE 2008 BUDGET 27 Nov 07
Paul Barker: 2008 Budget Commentary 27 Nov 07
Paul Barker: Leadership and Globalisation 03 Sep 07
Econ Status of Resources 07 Aug 07
The Economic Status of Resources in PNG 07 Aug 07
Commentary for regional Agriculture workshop 16 Jul 07
Address on INA to Port Moresby Rotary 24 Jul 07
Paul Barker: Brief update on PNG Economy, Brisbane June 2007
Paul Barker: Growers Association Meeting 2007 29 May 2007
Paul Barker: Perspective on the 2007 elections PNG Update April UPNG
Paul Barker: Commentary on the 2007 budget 23rd November 2007: Address to Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Koos Richelle on relations with the European Union Speech Series No. 6 2003
10 September 2003 Address by Sir R. Namaliu
Mike Manning – 26 February 2004 The Impact of Culture on Ethics
Mike Manning – 1-3 March 2004 Econ-Vulnerability – paper
Mike Manning – 28 – 30 March 2004 Tourism Development Options in PNG
Thomas Abe – 30th June 2004 Fuel Prices in PNG
Thomas Abe – 18th November 2004 Merger and Acquisition issues
Paul Barker – Treasury-BPNG consultation, May 2010 Managing LNG Wealth and utilising a Sovereign Wealth Fund
Paul Barker – Media Council Forum, Goroka, August 2010 Information Access, Accountability and Social Auditing as a means to Achieving the MDGs
Paul Barker – 13 November 2010 Policies for backing Microfinance
Paul Barker – Feb 2011 Recommendations for achieving sustainable growth and employment opportunities, ADB Growth Diagnostic workshop
Paul Barker – Jan 2011 Managing Resource Wealth – to CPA Annual Conference
Paul Barker – Feb 2011 SABL brief for March Girls OP Workshop
Paul Barker – Mar 2011 LNG Development and Agriculture
Paul Barker – 16 Nov 2011 Sustainable wealth creation
Paul Barker – August 2012 Innovation, Change & Entrepreneurship in PNG -CPA
Paul Barker – August 2012 Corruption’s Impact on the Community
Paul Barker – 1 September 2012 Resource management and Service Delivery, Prov Administrators’ Conference, Madang
Paul Barker – 18 March 2013 Balancing Needs, Claims and Demands; setting the agenda and ensuring resource projects contribute and don’t undermine sustainable development objectives and priorities
Paul Barker – 19 June 2015 PNG Economic Update – address to CPA Conference Kokopo