2017 INA Private Sector Survey

Once again the INA is conducting its 5 yearly Private Sector Survey of the Business and Investment Environment in Papua New Guinea. The survey is undertaken to better understand the issues and challenges currently facing businesses in PNG and to advise policy makers, notably the Government and its agencies, but also development partners, of concerns and matters needing to be addressed. The survey also provides opportunities to make comparisons over time from the previous surveys conducted since the 1990s. The previous surveys (conducted with funding support to the INA from ADB, World Bank and the Australian Government) have been analysed and utilised extensively, including in policy development and preparation of intervention initiatives. The 2017 survey is being funded by the Australian Government, through its Governance Facility (PGF).

Businesses face extensive challenges to undertaking business, sometimes over and above those deficient infrastructure and utilities (such as poor roads and other transport infrastructure, absent or unreliable power and telecommunications, access to foreign exchange) and other factors, and it sometimes seems that the authorities are not listening or unresponsive.

However, the first step is obtaining and providing tangible information and the authorities have proven responsive. This survey combines the experiences and perceptions of businesses across the country, in the Highlands or Islands, large and small, foreign or locally-owned, agricultural or in manufacturing or services, and provides the outcomes to policy makers at the national and local levels and international agencies, as well as back to the private sector, including through reports and workshops.

Businesses across Papua New Guinea are strongly encouraged to participate in this year’s survey to ensure that it fully reflects the broad views and challenges currently being faced, and providing priorities for action. The individual questionnaires are kept strictly confidential and specific company names and results are not revealed in the reports.

The surveys may be completed on questionnaires which can be obtained and returned by email or hard copy to the INA (steven.goie@cimcpng.org or Institute of National Affairs, P. O. Box 1530, Port Moresby, NCD), or maybe be completed online using the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9GS7WZL

Your full assistance is greatly appreciated.


Paul Barker, Executive Director, INA